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View of our apartment (far left) from the Café Gourmand across the wayThe goal of this trip has been different from any other we have taken before. The singular question is “Could or would we want to live here, or someplace like it, like this?” It is more difficult than we imagined, yet our enthusiasm hasn’t waned, even though the exercise is challenging. For instance, living in a very small apartment, compared to our very large home will require adjustments that will likely not surface during this first foray into such realities.

On the up side, a full cleaning should take only 30 minutes rather than a full day. Shopping for food will be much different, rather than the trip to Costco where we might buy a months worth of pork chops and a mega-sized box of raisin bran, we will likely buy one or two day’s meals at a time. Besides, the freezer is the size of a shoe box (Jeannie’s size), and other storage is just as limiting.

Halles des 4 Saisons and marketCooking will be more simple due to a smaller kitchen, a tiny oven/stove, and we won’t have the variety of condiments we normally have in the cupboard and fridge. The ready-made, but not industrial, just reheat options from the local markets can make things even easier. While not quite as economical as scratch cooking, it is still much less expensive than eating out. Depending on how often we relocate, there will be a set of expenses for settling into a new place.

It is nice on this trip to not feel rushed. We don’t have to see every museum and attraction in Montpellier this trip. Even if we don’t return here, we will have experienced enough to have enjoyed this city in a fashion unlike before. Since this is not a large tourist destination, the crowds of people we see each day are mostly locals, … and students.

Today’s images are a few general shots and impressions from two extremes of life here. The very ethnic Tuesday market in Mosson with its  distinct sights and flavors to the neo-modern Greek style architecture of the upscale Antigone business and residence area.

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  1. Very nice..thanks for allowing us to tag along and enjoy your adventure..Have fun be safe and keep on blogging.

  2. Just where the heck is this Arctic town? I thought you were going to the French Riviera, where the temps were paradise everyday and clothes were optional. Now I see people wearing coats! Egad! What he’ll hole have you fallen into? Now I understand your statement “if we ever return here”. I’ve heard the Sahara, or Kenya has lots of sun… Something to consider.

  3. Difficult and challenging but rewarding and adventurous all the same.

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