Dec 072015

While walking around the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, we turned down a small street. At the end of the street we could see a mural of two sets of lips locked in a personal moment. At first we thought that it was an example of street graffiti, but as we got closer … The photo

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Dec 062015
Barcelona - Time to depart

The leaves of the Plane trees (Sycamores) are starting to turn brown and darkness comes noticeably earlier each day. Autumn has begun. Our time in Barcelona is almost over and only a few days before we board a ship for the return to Florida. Life in Barcelona was a little busier than normal. Early in

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Nov 182015
Barcelona - an Architectural Feast

So many of the places we have visited throughout the world are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. “World Heritage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located.” Listed sites are considered to be of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of

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Nov 142015
Gaudí's Masterpiece - <em>the Sagrada Familia</em>

The independent Catalonian spirit has fostered much innovation in many areas, but nowhere is it more obvious and available than in art and architecture. At the turn of the century the style of the day was Art Nouveau, or as it was called in Spain– Modernista and Catalonia – Modernisme. Some of the world’s greatest

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Nov 112015
Barcelona - More Than a Great City

Taking the train from Madrid to Barcelona used to take just under nine hours. Fortunately today, with ALL our luggage, it only takes about three. The speed display in the car we were in showed a top speed 300 kph (180 mph), but averaged a little less than that. The terrain in the center of

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Oct 262015
A Barcelona Teaser

My, have we been busy. Shortly after we arrived in Barcelona, we were joined for a week by my brother Mike and his lovely wife Kathy. Thus began the whirlwind, and since then we have been busy trying to sample just some of the things that this city has to offer. We really like Barcelona

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Oct 242015
Adiós Madrid - Final de Meandros

We have been in Madrid for just about a month, and of course we haven’t/couldn’t see everything. That is a difficult concept to accept at times, but for the experiences we want, it is essential. The days that have no defined purpose or destination are often the most rewarding; because it seems that for those

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Oct 192015

Madrid, besides being the capital of Spain, is a great city. The best thing about a great city and its culture is its people; and the best places to experience being among the people are parks and markets. The diverse population in Madrid enjoys a vast amount of beautiful green space and parks for walking,

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Oct 162015

Madrid is filled with people. There were times when we felt that they were all on the same street with us. But we could turn off onto a quiet little callejón, and be alone except for the little old lady pulling her two-wheeled grocery cart to the market; or the lone office worker who had

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Oct 152015

We wander, … a lot. It tends to be somewhat directed, but our path may meander like a three-year-old chasing pigeons. Most of these images of Madrid were made sort of on the way somewhere, or once we had arrived, and yet they are a stream-of-consciousness-like collection of visuals and memories of a month of

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