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Circle-B-Bar Reserve is a huge tract of protected land in Polk County, Florida. With many miles of well-maintained trails, a large, alligator-inhabited lake, an amazing amount of bird life, and massive live oak trees, and big, old cypress trees a great place to spend a few hours … or days.


On the Florida Coast

Jeannie’s birthday was coming up and she wanted a change of view. So we found a place on Florida’s northeast coast about half-way between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. It was a perfect place to enjoy nature and avoid any crowds … and celebrate a birthday.


Just add Light

The soaring stone pillars and the play of the light cast through the stained glass windows creates a shaded landscape of stone and light. Never at rest, they are aroused by the changing light, they glow with energy, the patterns they paint flow across the floor inviting your thoughts to wander with them.


Random Travel Bites

Since we have been sheltering in place at our home in Florida due to the pandemic, the motivation to add to this journal has gone into hiding as well. We are looking forward to that day when we will again pack our bags for places unknown. For now, we have set up a gallery of 10 random images for a quick travel fix, or a distraction from the madness of the day. There is no verbiage other than some captions, just a visual indulgence to inspire your future adventures or just to simply brighten your day.

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