Dec 312014
To Italy We Go ...

It was odd that it only took a 1.5 hour flight to travel to Rome. So much longer when you start in US. It will be interesting to travel around Europe with such short flights. We got our rental car and left the airport around 4pm, knowing we would not arrive at Herb and Jeanie

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Dec 272014
Leaving Montpellier

We have always said that our travels do not stem from a desire to leave someplace, but rather to go somewhere else. To us it is a significant difference. I think it is a corollary to the “glass half-empty or glass half-full” thing. And so it was, on 01 December, when we departed Montpellier. It

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Dec 172014
Rain, Rain, Go Away ...

 Overcast, rainy and cold. We are pretty much over the colds we caught, me first, then Jeannie. But between the sniffles, the cold temperatures and the rain, our time outside has been limited since the Fête des Lumières. We have gotten out most every day, including long walks (>13km or 8 miles). We even took

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Dec 162014

This post is from Montpellier, prior to the move to Lyon. The time-line is almost back to normal. November 19th started as one of the coldest mornings so far this autumn. It might have been nice to stay in bed, but it was time for another train trip, this time to Arles, just inside Provence.

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Dec 092014
Fête des Lumières – Night 4

The final night of the Fête des Lumières is tonight, and we realize that we are tired. We have already walked over five miles going to lunch and visiting the area of our apartment we will stay in when we return in April. So when we returned to our current flat, we decided not to

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Dec 082014
Fête des Lumières – Night 3

Lyon wasn’t really a destination for us when we began our planning. Coming here evolved out of several factors. We had originally planned to search out some warmer climes for the winter, but it’s not warm here. Whatever reasons we may have had for being here have been eclipsed by the serendipitous happening of the

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Dec 072014
Fête des Lumières - Night 2

Together with our new friends Nicolas and Lucie (a great story that will have to wait til later), we returned to the Fête des Lumières. Though most of the images are repeats, they show different parts of the sequences that we saw. Keep in mind that the images that are projected on the buildings are

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Dec 062014
Fête des Lumières - Night 1

Ok, we left Montpellier and have moved to Lyon. I haven’t written about all that, but I will. Often it’s necessary to alter the timeline for things that are exceptional, and the Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights) is one of those things. Last night was the first of four nights when the city is

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Dec 022014
A Special Visit - II

Our friends Rich and Patti drove to Montpellier from Barcelona, Spain to visit us. That meant they had a car. Originally, our plans were to possibly spend more time driving out into the countryside. However, given the difficulties of navigating the narrow, convoluted streets we decided to leave the car safe in its parking space.

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