WCF-3029.jpgThere are around 32.8 million sheep in the UK. Sheep are a part of life and a part of the landscape. Since most farmland (60%) is only suitable for growing grass, raising sheep and cattle is logically the best agricultural use for the land. As we crossed through field after field, sheep dotted the landscape everywhere, and their voices could be heard across the hills and dales.

Being there just after the lambing season also meant that there were lambs everywhere as well. While we were there, the ewes and lambs are out in the fields together, with the ewes grazing and the lambs suckling. Lambs weigh roughly 2.5 kg | 5.5 lbs when they are born and grow quickly, around 300 g | 0.7 lb a day.

Of course, one must watch where one steps.

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  1. Ewe’s not fat, ewe’s fluffy!

    While I understand the numerical markings, some of them look like they have been used for target practice by an amateur paintball marksman.

    Technology has all but erased the image I used to have for a pastoral scene as the shepherd’s crook has been replaced by an ATV 🙂

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you in the bus going to… I don’t even remember because we’ve been in lots odf different places in Scotland. Please note that if you want to come to Spain, there is a place for you in Alicante ☺
    Isabelle (sick mum in the bus), Maxime & Alex

  3. Slang labeling of sheep to human beans is such a dis to their peaceful elegance.. beautiful countryside moments.

  4. I want to paint sheep now!

  5. Thanks!

  6. They do come in all shapes and sizes. Very colorful tags in their ears. Looks like jewelry.

  7. I love these! My Maa-in-Law and I wanted to go there one day. I wish we had been able to.

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