Arrivederci Verona!

Mask of Medusa in Corso Porta Borsari in Verona, Italy.End of May 2018 – After our delightful trip to Bergamo, it was time to get serious about packing and getting ready to depart Verona. Transitioning is always a difficult time. On the one hand, staying in one place for 1-3 months means that we have become familiar and comfortable with life in the place we have been calling home.

We’ve learned the bus and train systems, and can navigate the backstreets to go where we want avoiding the crowds of tourists that Verona attracts. We’ve seen some of the same neighbors and shopkeepers; we’ve become regulars at a couple of restaurants* where we receive big smiles and warm welcomes when we walk in; and we have learned to slow down and appreciate the fact that we had enough time to do just that.

Our AirBnB host Marta and her family, Livio (her husband), daughter Laura, and son Giovani.Once again, too, we have come to value that the true joy of travel is in the people that we meet. Whether we speak the same language or not, whether the meeting is extensive or brief, or whether it is merely a knowing smile or a significant exchange, every encounter has been treasured. This was made even more meaningful in light of my brother’s accident and the many people that reached out to assist, throughout the experience.

The wonderful staff at Angelucci's Pizzeria & CucinaOver the last couple of days we returned to some of those places where we were most welcomed, and we also found our way to some new places that we had somehow neglected. One thing that we have found to be true is that you can’t see everything.

But, once again it’s time to put the familiar and comfortable behind us and to move toward the unknown. So, this post contains a potpourri of images of Verona, including many of the little things that might be easy to miss when looking at the big picture. It is a last fond look at a beautiful city before we take off for some very different adventures.

* Gastronomia Castel Vecio,
* Pizzeria Ristorante Olimpia,
* Angelucci’s Pizzeria & Cucina,
* Winebar Bottiglieria Baraldi

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  1. Jeannie Tweet Tweet!!!!! Love when Chris is drawn to “people” shots of those ya’ll meet!

    1. Without the people we meet along the way, our travels would be lacking. And it’s great when Chris captures the experience to share! Great people add color to our experience!

  2. Thanks for the card!

    1. We like to use regular mail on occasion. Glad it got to you!

  3. Beautiful pics! Who knew birds liked to photobomb like people do? ?

    1. I think that was the first time it’s happened!

  4. Well it appears that you found the right place in Italy to spend a few months. Great pictures as always. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip.

    1. I don’t know that we could chose badly in Italy, or most countries we’ve visited. Wonder where we’ll chose for next year?

  5. As always, beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I find myself adding them to my own ?

    1. We hope to meet you on a future adventure. Let’s share travel calendars when we’re planning 2019!

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