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Slow Nomads?

(This is a short version. Click here for the longer more detailed version.)

We’ve always enjoyed travel whether near or far, or short or long, and retirement made the prospect of bigger adventures even more inviting. The only thing that might have held us back was the responsibility and expense of our home and all of our stuff. Even though it was a beautiful house on a piece of property that backed up to a green space filled with wildlife, its maintenance and upkeep took time and money.

It didn’t take much discussion to agree that if we were to downsize our possessions into storage, sell the house and cars, we could take a small apartment almost anywhere. The big question would be “Where?” The first ideas were relatively close-by, then we began to look further afield. Ultimately, when we considered the bigger picture, we realized that we could go almost anywhere in the world. So we did!

This website is our journal and our photo album of this adventure; it doesn’t give you any of the practicalities, we don’t tell you where to stay, where to eat, how long to stay somewhere. Rather, the focus is what we saw and experienced and felt when we were there—what we saw and thought was worth seeing, and we share it with anyone who wishes to take the time to view it.

A good friend said that following along with the blog was like stowing away in our backpack … we hope you feel the same.

Chris and Jeannie Fooshee