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A Wee Bit o’ Pub Music.

WCF-6301.jpg A sample of the great pub music available in Dublin. I recorded it using my phone, and offer my apologies to the two acoustic-only performers as I cannot remember their names. Sit down with a pint or two of Guiness or Smithwick’s and you won’t remember their names either, but you will be tapping along in rhythm with both feet. Of course, turn your volume up loud.

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Music from the Dublin Pub Music Crawl

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  1. Very cool!!! Ok, so for those of us not in the Emerald Isle, I have to plug the St. Paddy’s Day Fest at the Crooked Can Brewery in Winter Garden the 17th, 18th, and 19th if you liked that tune!! You will here some of Central Florida’s best local Celtic bands playing similar things (our band Odd Bins Band plays the 17th)!!

  2. Great, I just happen to have some Guinness stout in the house as I am making a Guinness stew for my book club tomorrow night. Will have to play this for them.

  3. That was cool!

  4. How fun to hear this!!

  5. Sounded just like I thought!

  6. This is wonderful

  7. Way cool!

  8. Lovely…makes me want to grab a pint myself.

  9. Yup! I was tapping my feet! Thanks for sharing and taking us along on this next journey 🙂

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