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A Tumble in Texas

20140630_205612There are adventures that you choose, and there are adventures that are forced upon you. We have been in Texas for the last few days near Austin, in the town of Round Rock enjoying a long overdue visit with family. Today as we were hiking a rather friendly, though rocky trail with my brother Mike and his wife Kathy, Jeannie slipped on an algae-covered rock as we crossed a dry-ish creek bed. To make a long story short, she broke her wrist. When the x-ray technician says “You really did it good,” you know it’s not really good.

So ended a wonderful visit to the Austin area where once again we didn’t get to see Austin. The last time we didn’t get to see Austin was many years ago when we accompanied my parents and didn’t want to abandon them to go out on the town.

_MG_8592After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon here in the Austin area tomorrow morning, we’ll fly back to Orlando and probably go to another orthopedic surgeon to have the actual work done. The thought is that it may require some hardware. Great, just as we are preparing to do a bunch of flying, Jeannie may be setting metal scanners off in airports all over the place.


_MG_8682Well, we have until August 15 for her to heal before we leave for France, and that might be overly optimistic. There are also trips to Wisconsin and North Carolina before that. However we are still planning on sticking with the schedule, and unless there are some complications, I might have to learn to juggle more luggage than I expected. Oh, and dishes and laundry and … . At least we got the house emptied.

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  1. Fear Not! Ward is half metal – knees, shoulders and chest and they still let him through but you should see the expressions of the people waiting in- line behind him….

  2. Airports are no problem with metal, just may take a bit longer for a scan -from one who knows. Guess Chris just has to do all the lifting & packing.

  3. Good Grief!

  4. Awww ….

    Just what you were not needing to happen right now, huh?

    All our best hopes for a speedy recovery!

    Jette and Niels

  5. Oh Bummer! I hope she has a speedy recovery! Let the Docs here put those screws & bolts in her so we can move on with our trip to France! Just kidding! Wishing her the best & thank you for permitting us to travel with you guys.

  6. Oh NO, So sorry to hear that Jeannie!

  7. Just had to get more attention, didn’t you, Jeanie!
    ..that x-ray – Ouch!

  8. Hello from Metz, we are having a great trip, the Mosel river valley was stunning. We actually left Metz a few days ago, a couple of days in Luxembourg City. Now in Bastonge, the new Ww2 museum is great

    Sorry to hear about Jeannie.


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