A Neighborhood Walk

A 5 mile (8k) ramble on country roads up to Colpetrazzo, a tiny village up on the side of the Martani mountains. We strode on paved roads, dirt, and stone; through woods, farmlands and vineyards, passing old buildings and new. The bare branches of the trees provided a lattice of contrast against the grey clouds. The brown, newly-tilled fields added the aroma of the earth, and the bright green flush of recently-emerged winter grasses combined into a quiet, peaceful setting broken only by the songs of birds or the peal of church bells in the distance. Nice day, great hike.

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  1. orange berries with purple capsule looks like a native Euonymus.

    very cool


    1. Thanks Mark, I was wondering what they were. 8^)

  2. Love details of your journey. What an exciting experience!

  3. Thanks for making this adventure so real for all of us. We actually were down with colds a week after you were!

    Just curious, where do you go for a haircut or have you adopted other nomadic customs like facial hair and turbans? Can’t tell from the occasional selfie…

    Walk on!

    1. Thanks for joining in, it still amazes me how many people keep up with our little journey. We both got haircuts in Montpellier. That was an adventure, but no worse than changing barbers/stylists in the US. Now that it’s cold, the hat covers the slight shagginess, and the pencil thin ‘stache and soul patch are back. Will likely have to learn the appropriate phrases for getting a cut here.

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