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A Kiss in Barcelona

While walking around the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, we turned down a small street. At the end of the street we could see a mural of two sets of lips locked in a personal moment. At first we thought that it was an example of street graffiti, but as we got closer …

The photo mosaic was designed by Joan Fontcuberta using images provided by local residents. The Barcelona newspaper El Periodico asked people to send in photos representing “a moment of freedom”. The resulting mural, made up of over 4,000 photographs on ceramic tiles, was installed in 2014 as part of Barcelona’s Tricentenary celebrations commemorating the fall of Barcelona during The War of The Spanish Succession.
A plaque next to the mosaic quotes Oliver Wendell Holmes:
“The sound of a kiss is not as loud as that of a canon, but it’s echo lasts a great deal longer.”

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  1. What an amazing piece of art! I will have to visit it when we are in Barcelona

  2. Interesting!

    What happened to you Saturday night? We were expecting you!

  3. Just amazing! Wow!

  4. How did we miss that? Now we have to go back!

  5. Intriguing and adorable… nice sequencing.

  6. The sound of a kiss, that is a beautiful way to think, and it’s echo!!!! Divine writing

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