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A Delightfully Cacophonous Plethora of Food

Although “cacophonous” and “plethora” are considered somewhat pejorative terms, teaming them up with “delightfully” truly makes the description adequate. Rennes Saturday market is the second largest in France, with over 300 producers with their stands. There is food everywhere. There are people everywhere. It is gastronomic overload! It was great. Enjoy the photos.

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  1. Very nice! My mouth is watering……

    1. 8^)

  2. What a beautiful array! I see painting subjects there…..with your permission of course!
    I live vicariously through your adventures!

    1. Evy, Let me know which ones you’d like to paint and I’ll send you a hi-quality version. You have blanket permission to use any of my photographs for your subjects.

  3. Everything looks wonderful. I’m catching the next flight out. Have fun!!

    1. Let us know when you get to Paris, and we’ll send directions. C

  4. Must have been hard deciding what to get. Hope they gave out samples!

    1. Linda, very, very few gave out samples … Dammit. It would have made decisions easier; but as it was we did all right. Yummmm.


    1. Thanks Robin. We are indeed fortunate to have such things for me to point my camera at. I’m glad you are enjoying our adventure. 8^)

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