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A Day in Ghent

Bruges is a beautiful little town, while Ghent is quite large and very active, and it has been said that “… you get the feeling that this is a city first and tourist destination second, in sharp contrast to Bruges.” Getting off the train and making our way into town  you could tell that this was going to be a different experience,  but not in a bad way.

We had to wander a little to find the tourist information office, but once we did the friendly reception assured us that it was going to be a good day. Armed with our walking tour map and some suggestions on how to get away from the teeming masses, if we so desired, we took off into the overcast, cool, breezy Belgian morning.

In a word, Ghent was delightful. Maybe not as polished as its neighbor 30-minutes to the north, but with more of a feel for what daily life is about in a living museum. We’re glad we went to both cities. Enjoy the images.

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  1. Refreshing! I could feel the cool crispness in the air with these past few posts. Hopefully autumn is not far off for those of use back in Florida.

    Loved the up close shot of the medieval doggie door…

  2. Great pictures. The street with the graffiti was most interesting.

  3. I love the random acts of art you find Chris!

    1. Thanks Evy. I see everything with not only my eyes, but also the eyes of all my teachers, mentors and friends. I’m glad you enjoy my efforts.

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