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  • O Segundo Dia em Coimbra - 2019

    Our second day in Coimbra again began overcast with a light rain. Undeterred, we roamed off to other areas of town, the remarkable Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro, a walking tour of the centuries-old University, and later the ancient Romanesque Old Catheral.
  • Coimbra – Day 1 - 2019

    Our stay in northern Portugal was coming to an end, but before heading south, there was time for another overnight trip out of Porto.

    Passadicos do Paiva - 2019

    The need to get out into nature led us to discover the ruggedly beautiful scenery of the Paiva Walkways in Portugal's Arouca Geopark. The 8.7 km (5.4 mi) long trail traverses landscapes that are beautiful, peaceful and wild.

    Azulejos - 2019

    The dictionary definition is rather dry – “a kind of glazed colored tile traditionally used in Spanish and Portuguese buildings.” But the reality is that azulejos a beautiful presence throughout Portugal and certainly a part of its cultural soul.

    Braga - 2019

    The alarm on Jeannie's tablet woke us early to catch the 08h45 train for our overnight in Braga, Portugal's 3rd largest city, built more than 2,000 years ago. It was worth the early wake up.

    A Festa and a Feast - 2019

    Well, it was a simple way to take the train up into the Douro valley, visit a quinta, have a lunch, then take the train back. We were kind of wrong. It was much better!

    Santo Tirso – What a Surprise - 2019

    We often like to visit small, somewhat obscure towns and villages on our travels, and though we had no expectations, Santo Tirso certainly turned out to be unexpectedly delightful.

    Guimarães – Birthplace of a Nation - 2019

    Guimarães (him-are-esh) the birthplace of Portugal, has wonderfully preserved its past. The old city center is a labyrinth of narrow lanes and charming plazas framed by medieval edifices.

    Aveiro – Portugal’s Little Venice - 2019

    On the shore of a vast, coastal lagoon, Aveiro is a historically maritime city and a prosperous town with a delightful city center known for its, architecture and its highly regarded university.

    Nobody Knows the Tremoços We’ve Eaten - 2019

    On settling into a new country or town, we often search out one of the “walking food tours”. Of all the things we learned on our food tour in Porto, the most interesting, fun, and delicious was how to eat tremoços.
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