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  • A Break From Insanity - 2019

    When we first began our Slow Nomad travels in 2014, we estimated that we would travel for a while. But, we hadn’t counted on a global pandemic.
  • Street Art in Lisbon - 2019

    Not all good art is in museums. A stroll through Lisbon’s hilly streets quickly reveals an open-air art scene as vibrant and exciting as any we have seen anywhere.

    Three Museums in Lisbon - 2019

    While we were in Lisbon we visited many excellent museums. Here are three very different exhibit spaces showing three very different types of art.

    LX Factory - 2019

    Rising amidst the industrial bones and old walls of an abandoned industrial complex, the LX Factory now houses one of Lisbon's most eclectic attractions.

    Saudade - 2019

    Having a word to describe something doesn't make it easier to deal with. But ...

    Óbidos – the Queen’s Town - 2019

    The one-hour bus ride from Lisbon was comfortable and scenic, taking us to the village of Óbidos, the most well preserved medieval town in Portugal.

    Travel in the Time of COVID-19 - 2019

    We had been home from Portugal for less than one month and our plans for 2020 were already made. This time the destination was the French city of Tours in the Loire Valley. Now everything has changed.

    Comida, Gloriosa Comida! - 2019

    Food, Glorious Food! We’ve frequently been asked, what do you like best about travel? There is never a simple answer. Well, Chris says all good, ...

    Heading West to Belém - 2019

    Originally, Belem was the location of Lisbon’s shipyards and docks, and was the starting point for the Portuguese voyages that discovered sea routes to India, East Africa and Brazil. It is also home to some incredibly famous landmarks.

    Lisbon’s Trams - 2019

    While getting around this city is best done on foot, the city’s public transportation system works well, but the 100+ year old trams are the most charming and fun.