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  • 50th Anniversary Spring Southern Garden Tour – 1 - 2024

    The time had come to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, and instead of a party we decided on a road-trip to visit a few of Georgia’s gardens that we hoped would be in their Spring finery. First stop, Callaway Gardens.
  • Costa Rica – The Rest of the Story - 2024

    It is day-4 in Costa Rica, and today we are leaving La Fortuna for the Monteverde cloud forests. Along the way we stopped at the Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal (Arenal Volcano National Park) for a jungle walk to the base of the volcano.

    Costa Rica – A Different Adventure - 2024

    Costa Rica is a rugged land of mountains, volcanos and protected jungles teeming with exotic flora and fauna, with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific, and the thought of being immersed in such an environment was intriguing. Yet, there were rough roads ahead.

    Lexington - 2024

    After Harry, Mary, and their daughters Sierra and Liz moved to Lexington, Kentucky, we began promising to visit. Just after Halloween proved to be a good time to finally go.

    On a Salt Marsh - 2024

    I grew up around salt marshes, and the smell alone evokes vivid memories, with a soundtrack from 1969. We made a long overdue visit to North-East Florida to the home of Rich and Patti whose home is situated along the Nassau River and its labyrinth of salt marshes.

    Keystone - 2023

    In 2023, we made three trips to visit several longtime friends. This post is from the first of those trips. Our Long-time cycling friends Steve and Debi invited us to try out their newly acquired condo in Keystone, Colorado. It’s mostly photographs, enjoy.

    Friends are family whose members we choose - 2023

    Our Slow Nomads path has taken us to so many places over the years where we have seen so many remarkable things. And yet, we have found that for us, the memories of the people that we’ve met can often outweigh those of the destination itself.

    Some Wicker, a Long Snooze, and a Garden - 2023

    The Loire Valley has more than 300 châteaux, from formidable medieval fortresses to extravagant Renaissance estates, and all are individual masterpieces of architecture. And thanks to our Danish friends, we were able to finally able to get out on a tour of wicker, fairy tales, and a truly fantastic château, or should I say its gardens.

    Tour de Tours - 2023

    Being sick is no fun, no matter where you are; but when you are on holiday, it’s an insult as well. The respiratory virus that attached itself to us during the early days of our third week in Tours, France was intent on making our lives miserable. It succeeded ...

    Apprentices & Masters - 2023

    The 13th-century Saint-Julien abbey dominated the view from our apartment and having such an ancient element of France’s cultural heritage in our “backyard” seemed surreal. But the truth is that the mastery required to create so many of France’s important cultural elements was not simply due to chance.